The Last of The Blacksmiths

(Robbie Robertson)

Who robbed the cradle, who robbed the grave Who’s the one that asked to be saved
No, wo-wo-wo no answer came
I moved to the country that cried of shame I left my home and found a name
No, nobody could explain

Have mercy, cried the blacksmith How’re you gonna replace human hands Found guilty, said the judge
For not being in demand

Frozen fingers at the keyboard
Could this be the big reward
No, wo-wo-wo answer came Brought up everybody to see for themselves They wouldn’t believe it from no one else No, Oh nobody could explain

Dead tongue said the poet
To the daughter of burlesque Cocteau, Van Gogh and Geronimo They used up what was left

Cry wolf, said the martyr
I don’t believe I’m alive You’re the hero, said the mute And you’re bound to survive