4% Pantomime
(Robbie Robertson)

The management said they were sorry
For the inconvenience you were suffering, And mister booking agent, please have mercy, Don’t book the jobs so far apart.
We went up to Griffith Park
With a fifth of Johnny Walker red,
And smashed it on a rock and wept While the old couple looked on into the dawn. Oh, Richard, tell me if it’s poker;
Oh, Richard, tell me, who’s got the joker And is it poker?
Deuces wild, like an only child.
I’ll see what you got,
How much is in the pot.
You pay the tips and I’ll collect the chips. It’s a full house tonight
Everybody in town is a loser.
Yeah! You bet.
The dealer’s been dealing me bad hands From the bottom of the deck
Without the slightest blush
And I don’t know whether to call or check, But right now, I feel like

I got a royal flush
And my lady didn’t show from ‘Frisco But we had to go on with the show. Everybody got stoned
It was a gas, it was a smash Everybody got wrecked, checked. Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Oh, Belfast cowboy,
Lay your cards on the grade
Oh, Belfast cowboy
Can you call a spade a spade? Oh, Richard, tell me, tell me, tell me Is this game poker?
I can’t understand who the fool is That holds this joker – is it poker? Oh, Belfast cowboy,
Lay your cards down on the table Oh, Belfast cowboy,
Do ya think you’re able?