Shutter Island

Martin Scorsese and Robbie Robertson are back together for their eighth collaboration.

“Since the first time Marty and I started working together on projects in 1976 (The Last Waltz) and 1980 (Raging Bull) I think this is the first time that Marty has ever called me and said, “on this picture I really don’t have any ideas on where to start musically.” After I read the script I suggested to him that instead of a traditional film score, that I put together a batch of music centering around modern classical composers with a few songs from the time period of the movie sprinkled in. Marty felt it really connected with the film and we went on a mission of doing something unlike anything we’d ever done before.” -Robbie

The soundtrack features a stirring mash-up of Dinah Washington singing “This Bitter Earth,” on top of the Max Richter classical piece, “On The Nature Of Daylight.”

Listen HERE.