Track List

Coyote Dance
Mahk Jchi (Heartbeat Drum Song)
Ghost Dance
The Vanishing Breed
It Is A Good Day To Die
Golden Feather
Akuta Tuta
Words Of Fire Deeds Of Blood
Cherokee Morning Song
Ancestor Song
Twisted Hair

Album Info:
Produced by Robbie Robertson

Robbie Robertson, vocals, guitar, keyboard
Bill Dillon, guitar, bass Chamberlain, omnichord, guitorgan
Jeff Smallwood, acoustic guitar
Benito Concha, drums
Sal Fararas, drums
Sebastian Robertson, drums, percussion
Denis Toupin, drums, Vocals
John Bartilt, percussion
Alex Acuna, percussion
Tony Green, bass
Elodie Lauten, keyboards
Patrick Leonard, organ, keyboards, programming
Bonnie Jo Hunt, vocals
Ulali, vocals
Rita Coolidge, backing vocals
Priscilla Coolidge, backing vocals
Claude Pelletter, backing vocals
Delphine Robertson, backing vocals
Laura Satterfield, backing vocals
Silvercloud Singers
Douglas Spotted Eagle, flute, keyboards, programming