Track List

Night Parade
Hold Back The Dawn
Go Back To Your Woods
Soap Box Preacher
Day Of Reckoning (Burning For You)
What About Now
Shake This Town
Breakin The Rules
Sign Of The Rainbow



Album Info: September 30, 1991

Produced by Stephen Hague and Robbie Robertson


Robbie Robertson, vocals, guitar, keyboards
Bill Dillon, guitars/mandolin
Paul Buchanan, guitar, backing vocals
Leo Nocentelli, guitar
Bill Ward, drums
Ginger Baker, drums
John “J.R.” Robinson, drums
Jerry Marotta, drums
Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste, drums
Alex Acuna, percussion
Cyril Neville, percussion
Jared Levine, percussion
Leon “Ndugu” Chancler, percussion
Robert Bell, bass
Ronald Jones, bass
Mark Leonard, bass
Guy Pratt, bass
David Ricketts, bass, guitar, keyboards, programming
George Porter, bass, backing vocals
Garth Hudson, keyboards
Stephen Hague, keyboards
Bruce Hornsby, keyboards, backing vocals
Charles Pollard, keyboards
Paul Moore, keyboards
Ronnie Foster, organ
Ivan Neville, keyboards/backing vocals
Martin Page, keyboards, piano, backing vocals
Arthur Neville, organ, backing vocals
Bo Dollis, vocals
David Baerwald, backing vocals
Code Blue, backing vocals
Rick Danko, backing vocals
Roy Galloway, backing vocals
Clydene Jackson, backing vocals
Mike Mills, backing vocals
Aaron Neville, backing vocals
Yvonne Williams, backing vocals
Neil Young, backing vocals
Carmen Twillie, backing vocals
Zion Harmonizers, backing vocals
Rebirth Brass Band, horns, percussion
Fred Kemp, saxophone
Richard “Blue” Mitchell, saxophone
Warren Bell, saxophone
Carl Blouin, saxophone
Amadee Castenell, saxophone
Tony Dagradi, saxophone
Dan Higgins, saxophone/flute
Stacey Cole, trumpet
Brian Graber, trumpet
Mark Isham, trumpet/flute/arrangements
Ken Kugler, tuba
John Mitchell, clarinet
Duane VanPaulin, trombone
Joseph “Monk” Boudreaux, violin