To Kingdom Come

Forefather pointed to kingdom come
Sadly told his only son
Just be careful what you do
It all comes back on you.

False witness spread the news
Somebody’s gonna lose
Either she or me or you,
Nothing we can do.


Don’t you say a word
Or reveal a thing you’ve learned
Time will tell you well
If you truly, truly fell

Tarred and feathered, yea!
Thistled and thorned,
One or the other
He kindly warned.

Now you look out the window tell me
What do you see?
I see a golden calf pointing
Back at me.

I been sitting in here for so darn long
Waitin’ for the end to come along.
Holy coaster’s on the brink
Take a chance, swim or sink.

False witness, cast an evil eye
said I cannot tell a lie,
Haints and saints don’t bother me
I’m not alone you see.