Ruben Remus
(Robbie Robertson)

Wrote a letter this mornin’
Put it in your hat
‘Cause no one to read it
And I know you knew that
I bought a joke, a trick or two Just to bring and show you Caught ya with the trickster too Sometimes I wonder how ya knew
A hypnotist, fancy talker
Ruben Remus ain’t no doctor
I knew the man and tried to remember Just where it was that I’d seen his face Long ago in a movie show
He was like that man singin’ bass Knew him by his nurs’ry rhyme The story of the rabbit man
Fell right in and said to him
“I’d like to help you if I can”
I know the film would only shock ya Ruben Remus ain’t no doctor
He only needed what you had Asked for nothing more
Said he’d like to take you on

But it’s been done before
You couldn’t see he’s a travelin’ man And he cannot take your hand
It’s very hard to understand
Why his songs were never banned Guess the man would never knock ya Ruben Remus ain’t no doctor
No one seen ya since he’s been gone It’s been a day, maybe more
I took a walk in your yard
And knocked on your back door Why won’t you let me in?
I’m not the man who did ya in
Is Mr. Remus still your friend?
You say you don’t remember him Turn me down, would ya?
Well, I’ve got news for you
Turn me down, would ya?
Can’t ya tell I’m gonna change your mind

Before I’m through