Robertson composes the musical score to Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday.

Robertson returns to the Six Nations Reservation as part of a one-hour documentary entitled Making A Noise: A Native American Journey with Robbie Robertson. Broadcast on PBS, the special takes viewers on a musical journey into the Native American heartland.

Released in October, Live 1966: The “Royal Albert Hall” Concert is a two-disc live album by Bob Dylan. It is from Dylan’s legendary world tour in 1966 and is an essential document in the development of popular music during the 1960’s, and some consider to be the greatest concert of all time. The complete live show is remixed and remastered from the original three-track source tapes. The first disc is Dylan’s solo acoustic set; the second disc features his electrifying backing band, The Hawks (minus Helm). Capturing the hostility of “folk purists” in the audience, the set includes the stomping, booing and now-infamous cry of “Judas” form one audience member – plus Dylan’s caustic retort. The album debuts at #31 on the Billboard 200 chart and Mojo magazine declares it “the most famous bootleg of all time.”